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What I Learned This Weekend: Nadal, Sabean And The Cubs

Cubs need to be rebuilt from scratch, Brian Sabean should be fined, and more in this weeks version of "What I Learned This Weekend"

The unoffical start of summer is upon us. The first weekend of June has passed and here is the latest installment of what I learned.

Rafael Nadal Wins French Open

I know nothing about professional tennis and in no way claim to be an expert or even a novice of the sport. I'm sure this is a huge deal in Europe but do American sports fans care? I would save the money NBC spends to cover this event and use it to renew shows like "Friday Night Lights."

Brian Sabean Should Be Fined

This weekend the San Francisco Giants General Manager continued his criticism of Marlins Rookie Scott Cousins for the collision that ended Buster Posey's season. I'm sure Sabean is still just upset that he lost one of his best players for the season, but that still doesn't make it right. Cousins probably feels bad, but nothing about that play was illegal. To make matters worse Cousins has started receiving death threats because of the incident. If this was the NFL or NBA Sabean would have received a substantial fine within twenty four hours of his comments. Baseball has done nothing. It'll be real interesting to see what happens the next time these two teams meet.

Time For the Cubs to Start Over

The Cubs are in a state of mediocrity that doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. Looking at the empty seats at Wrigley Field the fans seem to be realizing this also. This team has no shot at a World Series in the near future. Now I know you are probably saying what else in new, but in the mid 2000's they had a small window to achieve this miracle. That window is shut. It's time to trade Carlos Marmol, Sean Marshall, Marlon Byrd, and Carlos Zambrano. These might be the only current players anyone would want so what better time then now to start rebuilding.

Nothing Beats Overtime Playoff Hockey

Whether you're a hockey fan or not it is hard to match the intensity of sudden death overtime hockey. Each shot, each pass, each turnover can be what wins or loses the game for a team. Typically overtime seems to last late into the evening which adds that much more excitement. For Boston Bruins fans I hope you enjoyed your 11 seconds of excitement in Game two on Saturday Night.

Lebron Better Than Jordan....Please.

I for one don't like to compare players from different eras in any sport. The games change from generation to generation as technology is improved, leagues expand, and rules change. Recently Scottie Pippen mentioned that he thinks LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. I watched every one of Jordan's Finals games and I don't remember him disappearing in the fourth quarter for one game not to mention multiple games. Nobody can prove that one NBA great is better than another. For LeBron though he has been outplayed this series by both Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki. Scottie Pippen might want to re-think his statement.

That is what I learned this weekend. Tell me what you learned. Follow me on twitter @timsieck.