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Israel Idonije Of The Bears Saying The Lockout Will Have 'Zero' Impact

The NFL is still locking out its players, which means that when they finally line up (whenever that is) they won't have nearly as much preparation as they normally have.

But Israel Idonije of the Bears is one of the first to say that he isn't worried at all about rust when he finally hits the field, via Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune.

"Zero. It’s business. Welcome to sports, welcome to the NFL. You’d hope it would be easy. Just in the business world, when there’s negotiations, always there is a back and forth. It always takes time. That’s just how it is. It’s business. At the end of the day, when it all settles, we’re all on the same team.  It’s going to be owners and players working together to grow the game like we always have."

These guys are football players. I'm sure they care about how it affects their bottom line, but it doesn't sound like some of them are totally interested in the business aspect. They just want to get back on the field and do what they do best.