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Your Sports TV Schedule, Cinco De Mayo: NHL Playoffs

It's Cinco de Mayo. What does that mean for sports television? Nothing, really; the two are completely unrelated. The NBA playoffs are taking the day off; there's just one NHL playoff game, and our local Chicago sports teams also won't play on this holiday, presumably off celebrating somewhere. (Yes, we're kidding around.) Here are your TV choices for Thursday, May 5. All times Central.


12 noon, MLB Network: Giants at Mets. Do you think there are still any old New York Giants baseball fans left in New York? We always hear about the old Brooklyn Dodger fans, but what happened to fans of the Giants when they left New York 53 years ago?


6 p.m., MLB Network: Brewers at Braves. What about Milwaukee fans who loved the Braves? Are they all now Brewers fans? (Probably.)


7:30 p.m., Versus: NHL playoffs, Canucks at Predators, game 4. Vancouver leads the series two games to one. What if the NHL gets a Stanley Cup Final of Vancouver vs. Tampa Bay? Or Nashville vs. Tampa Bay, both entirely possible? Think NBC executives would love that? (Probably not.)