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Northwestern Women's Lacrosse Wins 6th Title In Seven Years; A True Dynasty

There is always this stupid debate on shows that involve ESPN, Skip Bayless and/or Woody Paige -- is this or that team a "true dynasty"? Generally they are talking about the Steelers, Yankees or Patriots or other men's programs in our countries most popular sports. And, generally, they are debating if two championships in three years is enough to win that status or must they win three in four (blah blah blah). Until recently, that is. The ridiculous winning streak that UCONN women's basketball put together forced the mainstream media to discuss women's sports in the same manner -- at least on this one subject.

Which brings us to the Northwestern women's lacrosse team, who on Sunday won their 6th National Championship in seven years, defeating Maryland 8-7. Did I mention the one year they didn't win it all, they lost in the championship game? That happened last year. Against the Terps.

Modern dynasties are owned by women's sports, not mens. Before UCONN basketball there was Tennessee. UCLA won five straight women's water polo titles from 2005-2009. Penn State women's volleyball is in the midst of four consecutive national championships. Washington women's rowing has won three out of the last five championships. These are to name a few after a three minute google search.

Mens college athletics just don't seem to be able to maintain the talent level needed to replenish rosters after major success (sans Trinity squash). With free agency king, mens pro sports struggle just the same.  Just today, on Memorial Day of all days, a Big10 dynasty seems to be coming to an end, as Jim Tressel will be stepping down as the head football coach at the Ohio State University. 

Why do women's sports have more traditional dynasties than men's? Is it a lack of talent across the board? Lack of participatory interest in women's sports post-high school? Too much parity in mens sports? Other factors I am not aware of?

These are important questions to ask as the Title IX debate still lingers and women's sports look for equality on unequal terrain.

Anywho, congrats to the Northwestern women's lax team. You are/have been a true dynasty.

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