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LeBron James' Flop A Heat-Bulls Lowlight

If you don't want American sports to turn into European soccer, where players are embarrassing themselves with horrible acting and pretending to get hurt when their opponents haven't even touched them, then you didn't like LeBron James' flop on Thursday night.

James decided to pretend he was hurt after he grabbed a rebound. The Bulls' Derrick Rose stuck his hand in James' direction, and James' reaction indicated that Rose had poked him in the eye, but the replay showed that James had just done a bad acting job, and the referee bought into it, calling it a foul on Rose.

Frankly, James should be embarrassed, and the NBA needs to do something about all the flopping. Technical fouls and fines should be assessed to players who pretend to be hit when they weren't. For the sake of the integrity of the game, players can't go around faking injuries.

James is a great player, but on this one he proved that he was just a good enough actor to fool an NBA referee into seeing a foul that wasn't there.

The video is below.