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Matt Garza Injury: Cubs Starter Thinks Elbow Tightness Is A Result Of The Weather

Cubs starter Matt Garza was scratched from his start on Sunday, and it doesn't appear that his injury is really getting much better, according to this interview he did with CSN Chicago. You can find the video below.

He says the elbow has been tight for some time, and that it isn't really getting much better, but it isn't feeling any worse at the same time. he also thinks that the injury is just the result of throwing in cold weather, something that he was not really used to while playing with the Tampa Bay Rays. He expects the elbow to loosen up a little bit when the weather gets warmer.

He says that missing his start on Sunday was a major disappointment. He says he hasn't missed a start for something like this yet, and that he feels like he lets his teammates down when he misses a start like that. But he is also trying to think about the team, and it doesn't do them any good if he goes out to the mound and doesn't have his best stuff. We'll keep you updated on this injury as we learn more.