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What I Learned This Weekend: Bulls, Preakness, Interleague Play, NHL Playoffs

It is too soon for Bulls fans to panic, interleague play isn't going away,and other observations from a busy weekend in sports.

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On a busy weekend in sports, I learned that Bulls fans don't need to panic, that the Preakness is the event that really matters in horse racing, that interleague play is here to stay, and that the NHL playoffs without my favorite team are a lot like a golf tournament without Tiger Woods.

Bulls Fans Need to Get Off the Ledge

Yes, it is disappointing to be down two games to one. The Heat have the momentum now in the series and have gained home-court advantage. These are all reasons to be nervous and worried. I say, don't panic. The Bulls have not played well at all the last two games and still had a chance to win both. With a few adjustments Tuesday evening, the series will be tied up. The Bulls will head home with the split they needed and will have re-gained the home-court advantage. Bulls fans will be able to exhale and all will be right in Bulls nation.

The Preakness is the Most Important Horse Race

Ask any casual sports fan what horse race they enjoy the most and most would answer the Kentucky Derby. Yes the first Saturday in May will always be a spectacle. The crazy hats, the celebrities, and the huge party atmosphere will always make the Derby special. In all honesty, the Preakness is the biggest race for the sport. If the winner of the Kentucky Derby goes on and wins the Preakness, the Belmont Stakes now becomes the equivalent of Game Seven or the Final Four. The casual fan will watch to see if the elusive Triple Crown can be won. On Saturday, Animal Kingdom lost the Preakness, which means we will once again not have a Triple Crown winner. Unless you are a jockey, trainer or die-hard horse racing fan, the Belmont is now the NIT.

Interleague Play Will Never Go Away

Love it or hate it, interleague play is here to stay. It was put in place for the fans and this past weekend proved the fans are still interested. The attendance numbers back that up, with 32,000 at the Royals/Cardinals Game Saturday, 25,000 in Pittsburgh to see the Tigers and 33,000 in Baltimore to see the Nationals. If you are one of those old-school fans who hate interleague play, I'm sorry but it's not going anywhere.

The NHL Playoffs are Still Going On

What do the Boston Bruins, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Vancouver Canucks have in common? They are all still playing hockey. Yes, the playoffs are still going on. If you aren't a fan of the above mentioned teams, the NHL playoffs become the equivalent of a golf tournament that doesn't feature Tiger Woods. Yes there are still really good players, but it lacks the superstar that the casual fan will want to turn on to watch.

This is what I learned this past weekend. Please contact me on Twitter @TimSieck to tell me what you learned.