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Marni Yang Gets Life Sentence In Murder Of Former Bear's Girlfriend

Marni Yang was sentenced Friday to life in prison for killing the pregnant girlfriend of former Chicago Bears player Shaun Gayle.

Details via the Associated Press:

Lake County Judge Christopher Stride told Yang as he sentenced her … that "the methodical, meticulous and maniacal manner" of her crime made it different from other murders. A jury found Yang guilty in March of the October 2007 murder of Rhoni Reuter and Reuter's unborn child. Reuter was shot six times, and two of the bullets struck the baby.

Prosecutors accused Yang of carefully planning the execution of someone she viewed as a rival for the football player's affection.

Gayle, 49, played 12 years in the NFL and 11 with the Bears, including the 1985 Super Bowl season. He was originally Chicago's 10th round pick out of Ohio State in the 1984 draft, and according to Wikipedia "Gayle owns the distinction of returning the shortest punt for a touchdown in NFL history, when he returned a punt five yards for a touchdown against the New York Giants in the Bears 1985 divisional playoff victory."