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Steve Rosenbloom Blogs, Insignificance Alert Level Raised

My favorite hackneyed go-to for traditional media types is when they pick out one specific, trivial line a coach or player says in the post-game press conferences and turn it into THE BIGGEST DEAL IN THE WORLD. Steve Rosenbloom did just that Thursday on his Rosenblog Blog for the Tribune, in a story entitled "Heat coach talks, Nonsense Alert Level Raised" after the Heat took care of the Bulls, 85-75 Wednesday night.

Rosenbloom argues that Erik Spoelstra's post-game comments were a "pathetic attempt at self-importance" after the Miami head coach stated, "There was a look in [Udonis Haslem's] eye, and I knew it was time." In the piece, Rosenbloom calls Spoelstra a "valet" instead of coach, the "crock of Coconut Grove" and asks "Jeez, how insecure is the guy?"

Yes, Spoelstra's comment was a bit self-ritious and faux-Zennian, but, in reality, the "valet" wasn't really saying anything at all. He was speaking in platitudes. It was a nothing statement. A transition into praising the play of his power forward.

Rosenbloom, somehow, "forgot" to mention Spoelstra's comments before all the "look in his eye" stuff.

"He hasn't really been in a game and now I question myself for, you know, not trying him earlier. But there was an incredible unknown."

So, self-doubt and a legitimate reason for not playing Haslem in previous contests? Erik Spoelstra, the ego on you.

Haslem played in 13 games in the regular season because of a foot injury and a grand total of 6 minutes and 58 second in the playoffs. The Heat coach is correct, not knowing what you will get from a player is a huge concern, especially in the post-season. It's like asking the rookie on the sales team to upsell your biggest client -- it's just not wise.

Now Spoelstra knows what he's got in Haslem and that should scare Bulls fans. The big 2.5 have another weapon.  

"[The] blathering Heat coach, who looks like he won a golden ticket," Rosenbloom wrote, failing mention the golden ticket is Udonis Haslem.

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