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Donovan McNabb Has a Defender: Rush Limbaugh

Finally, Donovan McNabb has a defender. Yes, it's the unlikeliest of sources but, hey, as the old saying goes: any port in the storm.

That's right, Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio show host and the guy who once opined that "the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well," has Donovan's back. Last Friday, Limbaugh addressed Bernard Hopkins questioning McNabb's blackness. Because, really, who better to weigh in on such matters than a guy criticized for his sometimes polarizing views on race.

Anyway, here's Limbaugh explaining to his listeners the difference between his views and those of Hopkins:

This is just the latest in what has been a long line of attacks on Donovan McNabb from black individuals and organizations. …They have accused -- and I can't use the term. It's a purely totally unacceptable term, but they refer to McNabb by using the N-word, and they say he's a sellout; that McNabb befriends the white power brokers of the Eagles. ...

I said nothing close to what Bernard Hopkins was saying. I never said a word about McNabb and blackness. I was talking about the media from start to finish....This poor guy cannot, he cannot catch a break. And it’s disgruntled African Americans that are jumping down his case, about the way he was raised? It is horrible, it is distasteful. His parents are out there having to defend the way they raised him, and all they tried to do was give him opportunity after opportunity, expose he and his brother to various things. It’s just amazing to watch this.

So, yes, that asteroid should be striking Earth any day now.

Of course, Limbaugh couldn't help himself, adding that someone (it's not clear who) asked him if McNabb was as black as Bill Clinton.

"I don't know," Limbaugh responded. "I'm not the guy to ask."