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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Seriously?

Last night, the mothership at posted their 2012 NFL Mock Draft.


To which my response is best stated in this famous sketch from Saturday Night Live:

↵↵ ↵↵

Seriously, the 2011 NFL draft just ended and people are already talking about an event that won't happen until a year from now? We have no idea who's going to fall where in the NFL standings next year (if there's even a season), much less who's going to do what in the college football season. Maybe Andrew Luck will have another great year. Or maybe he won't. Maybe someone will come out of nowhere to have a terrific season, someone who's not even being considered by draft geeks right now.


Here's my suggestion. It's May 1. That would be springtime in most parts of the USA, though you wouldn't know it by the recent weather in Chicago. The sun is shining. If you're immersed in thinking about the 2012 NFL draft, stop. Get outside in the sunshine. Go see a baseball game. As Shatner suggested in that famous SNL skit, go kiss a girl.


And give the NFL draft a rest for a while. The current one isn't even cooled off yet.