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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Bears Could Address The Trenches In The First Two Rounds

The 2011 NFL Draft will be here before you know it, and the Mock Drafts are continuing to pour in. Today, we'll look at Walter Football, which has a Mock up for the first six rounds. We're just going to look at the first two, because it only gets harder to guess draft picks it gets into the later rounds. So where do they have the Bears going?

In the first round, they have a pretty popular pick in Miss St.'s Derek Sherrod. Here is their rationale.

You know, if the Bears had a good offensive line, Jay Cutler probably wouldn't have suffered an MCL sprain against the Packers, and we never would have had this huge debate about whether Cutler should have played or not. This should make one of Chicago's early-round picks pretty obvious.

In the second round, they have the Bears turning to the other side of the ball, but keeping it in the trenches. They have penciled in DT Drake Nevis of LSU.

Tommie Harris lost his starting job due to performance and was ultimately released. The Bears will be seeking an upgrade at defensive tackle, and Drake Nevis is a good fit in Lovie Smith's defense.

Teams are built from the middle out, so I think these are two good picks for the Bears. We know how much help they need on the offensive line, but you can never have too many defensive lineman. Unless there is a playmaker at receiver available to them in the second round, I like that they have the Bears trying to get solid up the middle.