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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Would Mike Pouncey Be A Good Fit For The Bears?

SB Nation just came out with the latest edition of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and they have a new named linked to the Bears. For the past few weeks, they have had the Bears taking tackle Derek Sherrod, but in this edition they have him going a few picks earlier to the Giants. With him off the board, they give the Bears Florida guard Mike Pouncey. Here is their rationale.

Pick an offensive lineman. Any offensive lineman. Aside from Tampa Bay's need for a defensive end, there's no bigger team/positional need this year than Chicago and the offensive line. Pouncey is the best available here, and should start at guard immediately.

I've seen Pouncey go a lot earlier than this in some previous Mock Drafts, so I have to wonder if he'll be on the board for the Bears here. I'm sure they would rather take a tackle at this spot, but Pouncey is a safe pick and a solid player for the middle of the line. If he is available then I think he is a no-brainer, even if there are tackles still on the board.