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Mel Kiper ESPN Mock Draft Has Bears Taking Derek Sherrod

The NFL Draft is finally here, which means it's Mel Kiper's chance to shine. He just released his latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft, which is the one that we will be able to judge his accuracy on. In this latest edition, Kiper has the Bears getting some help along the offensive line with a familiar prospect in Derek Sherrod. Here is his rationale.

I'm not ready to go against the grain and say the Bears will pass on the best offensive lineman available here. They could, but this makes a lot of sense. Chicago needs to be able to get more out of the run game, and while they can throw the ball, fans can say all they want, but they know Jay Cutler was taking far too many hits and dealing with too much pressure to be consistently successful, particularly given what he's throwing to.

I don't think we need Mel to tell us why the Bears need an offensive lineman. Sherrod would be a perfect pick for the Bears, but I don't think he will make it to them. I'm pretty sure someone will pick him before the Bears get a chance to.

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