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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Bears Be Able To get Help On The Offensive Line?

The Bears had a pretty porous offensive line last season, so it is natural to expect them to seek upgrades on that front in the upcoming Draft. SB Nation just came out with the latest edition of their 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and they have them adding help up front in the form of Miss St. lineman Derek Sherrod. Here is their rationale.

Sherrod doesn't get a lot of fanfare, but he'd start immediately at either tackle in Chicago.

Sherrod was a popular pick for the Bears in this draft for the past few weeks, and I understand why they want to put him in this spot. But, like I've said in the past, if Sherrod is really the type of player who can start at either tackle spot from day-one, he won't last long enough for the Bears to take him in the first round. Sherrod would be a great pick for the Bears, but if he is as good as they make him out to be, it won't happen.