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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Will The Bears Finally Address The Offensive Line

We know what position(s) the Bears will be targeting in the draft, and they all reside on the offensive line. Most of the Mocks we've seen around the Internet have the Bears taking the best offensive line prospect that is available when they are picking, regardless of position. The newest Mock from Mocking The Draft is the same way. They have the Bears taking Baylor guard Danny Watkins at No. 29 overall; here is their rationale.

This pick could be prime real-estate for a team looking to move back into the first round.  At this point all the top tackles are off the board but the interior of the line still needs help.

Watkins would be a good pick for the Bears, but I understand that the Bears would probably entertain some offers to trade back. I think they might want to get a tackle later in the Draft, and add a few picks for their trouble.