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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Derek Sherrod Still Linked To Bears

SB Nation just came out with their latest edition of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft and frankly, things are starting to get a little bit boring from the Bears perspective. It seems like every week they have the Bears taking Miss St. offensive lineman Derek Sherrod, and that trend continues this week. Here is their rationale.

For whatever reason, Sherrod continues to fly under the radar despite solid tape, solid athleticism and a ton of experience in the SEC. He'd be an excellent fit at the left tackle position on a blocker-starved Bears team.

I'll say the same thing about this pick that I say every week. I think Sherrod would be a good fit for the Bears, but I would also be surprised if he fell this far. There aren't a ton of great offensive lineman in this draft, but that won't prevent teams that are in desperate need of blocking from taking a chance on one in the first round. Even if he doesn't represent good value, some team will probably take Sherrod just because they need the help up front. But if he is still on the board, he would be a good pick for the Bears.