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2011 NCAA Sweet 16: Butler Locking Down Wisconsin, 33-24 At Half

Butler seems like they are well on their way to another Elite Eight, as they have stifled Wisconsin's offense up and down the court in the first half. It also certainly hasn't hurt that Butler has shot the ball very well, shooting 50% from the field and making four three pointers.

Wisconsin methodical offense is normally very good at controlling the pace, but thus far the Badgers seem to be grasping at straws, going just 8-23 in shooting and committing a very un-Wisconsin like eight first half turnovers. Notably silent thus far tonight is standout Jon Leuer, who has just 3 points on six shots.

For Brad Stevens and Butler their defense has led to plenty of easy points in the other direction. Shawn Vanzant is leading the way for the Bulldogs with a game high 9 points, while forward Matt Howard has 8 points of his own.

Wisconsin is going to have to take much better care of the ball, and show much better shot selection in the second half if it wants to spoil another miracle Butler season.