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2011 NCAA Tournament: VCU Shocking Purdue 42-32 At Half

Just a week ago, many experts and fans were wondering aloud how VCU made it into the NCAA Tournament field while teams like Colorado and Virginia Tech were left out. After beating USC on Wednesday and a win over Georgetown on Friday, the Rams are now only 20 minutes from beating No.3 seeded Purdue and advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

Purdue has been caught off guard by VCU's pacing and shooting, and have struggled to put together good shots against the Rams' defense. One badly needed offensive bright spot has been little used guard Ryne Smith who is 5-7 for 14 points, to lead the Boilermakers. JuJuan Johnson has had a solid but not amazing 9 points and 6 rebounds in the first half. Normally dependable E'Twaun Moore and Lewis Jackson have totaled just 4 points apiece.

VCU has had great play from two of their guards, Bradford Burgess and Brandon Rozzell getting 10 points each. Purdue has taken control in second halves this year, even when trailing significantly at half, so VCU is going to need to match and maybe even surpass this offensive output in the second half.