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2011 NCAA Tournament Round Three: Ohio State Firmly In Control Of George Mason 52-26 At Half

Things seem to be well in hand for the Ohio State Buckeyes in Cleveland today, who after a slow start ended the half with a 32-6 run on the George Mason Patriots.

David Lighty in particular was an imposing presence on offense for the Buckeyes, a perfect 5-5 from beyond the three point arc, and scoring 17 points. Jared Sullinger too looks like his too much for the No.8 seeded Patriots, with an impressive 19 points and 7 rebounds before the break.

Overall, the Buckeyes just can't seem to miss from the field, shooting 63% overall and 75% from deep, punctuated by Jon Diebler's three to end the half.

George Mason's second Cinderella run seems like it may be coming to an early end, they have shot a comparatively low 38%, have turned the ball over 10 points and are being out rebounded 18-10.

For George Mason to come back in this game, they will need to put together one of the greatest NCAA comebacks ever, against one of the better college teams to have come through March in some time.