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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Derek Sherrod To The Bears, Blaine Gabbert 1st Overall

Blaine Gabbert decided that he wasn't going to throw at the NFL Combine, and thus he wouldn't have the opportunity to show any of his skills until his own Pro Day at Missouri. It's the same decision a lot of elite quarterback prospects make in advance of the NFL draft, and it seems to be working out for him.

SB Nation has him going first overall in the latest version of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft, which might seem like a little bit of a stretch considering where he has been slotted to go in the past. As for the Bears, they have them taking a player who plays the position where most prognosticators feel like they need the most help; along the offensive line. They have the Bears taking Mississippi St. tackle Derreck Sherrod, and here is their rationale.

It's not exactly a secret that the Bears need to upgrade their offensive line, and if Sherrod were to be available at 29, there wouldn't be a lot of war room deliberation. Sherrod had a nice career, is a solid athlete with experience, and might start at LT immediately.

I'm not sure that the Bears can count on a guy who is drafted in the late part of the first round to start immediately at left tackle. if he was truly ready to be an NFL starting tackle right out of the gate, he would probably go a lot higher than 29th. But if this is how the board plays out, than the Bears could do a lot worse than Sherrod with their first round pick.