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2011 NCAA Tournament: Purdue Rolls Over St. Peter's 65-43

Travis Miller from Hammer & Rails has more reaction from Purdue’s win over St. Peter’s:

This was exactly what we needed.

It was far from pretty, but you can expect that when you face a strong defensive team like St. Peter’s. There defense was good, especially on everyone but JaJuan Johnson and E`Twaun Moore, but ours was much better. We didn’t get a lot out of everyone else, but we will be very successful as long as guys like Lewis Jackson, D.J. Byrd, and Terone Johnson keep up with these contributions. We’re to the point of the season where I don’t care about looking pretty. I just want to keep winning. That is all that matters.

Sure, there were still some concerns. Ryne Smith is not hitting open shots. Smooge is on a strange streak of turnovers (an ugly seven tonight). We still haven’t had a great shooting game, but we didn’t need any of those things tonight. We took advantage of the huge positives we had in our favor to dominate a weaker team. It was just business. It is not like there is a committee judging how pretty our wins are anymore. We’re alive now and, after tonight, only 32 teams will have a chance at being this year’s National Champion. We’re one of those 32 teams.