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Wisconsin Leads Belmont 34-27 At Half As Big Ten Looks For First Win In NCAA Tournament

Penn State lost a heart breaker to Temple earlier today, so its up to Wisconsin to bring the first victory home for the Big Ten Conference in the 2011 Big Ten Tournament against the scrappy Belmont Bruins.

Wisconsin's slow and methodical offense doesn't seem like it has changed too much since Indianapolis, keeping Belmont from running their offense at the pace they want. The difference between the Badgers' 33 point stinker at the Big Ten Tournament and today though is that the bricks in Indy are falling in Tuscon. Jordan Taylor leads Wisconsin with 14 points and 4 assists at the break, and has been helped out by Mike Bruesewitz who was questionable today with a sprained knee, but has managed 5 points and 5 assists off of the bench for the Badgers.

Belmont is led by big man Mick Hedgepeth who has 11 points off of six shots, and as a team have managed to draw Wisconsin into an uncharacteristic 7 first half turnovers. The Bruins are going to have to defend the Badgers better from the three point line, and hope to get even more turnovers in the second half, to keep this game within reach.