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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Bears Still Linked To Derek Sherrod

The NFL is currently in a state of lockout, and players are starting to file anti-trust lawsuits against the league. It's not a great time to be a football fan right now. But on the bright side, the NFL Draft is still on schedule as far as we know, so we can use that to take out mind off the labor situation. SB Nation just came out with their latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and I'm starting to sense a theme.

Just like they have the past few weeks, they have projected the Bears to take Mississippi St. Offensive Lineman Derek Sherrod.

Another mock draft, another left tackle prospect projected to Chicago. It's hard to imagine the Bears passing up a competent blind side protector for any other position, regardless of talent - that's how bad Chicago's offensive line has been.

I agree with that analysis, but I don't think Sherrod will be available. There aren't a lot of great offensive lineman in the draft this year, so we may see some teams starting to reach on lineman early in the first round. But no matter who is still available, I think the bears are likely to go with an offensive lineman, unless there is a player that has fallen to them that is too good to pass up.