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2011 Super Bowl Ticket Fiasco: Fans Prepare To Sue NFL

As if the NFL didn't have enough trouble with the collective bargaining agreement expiring on March 3 and a lockout of the players expected to follow, some fans who were denied seating despite having valid tickets for Sunday's Super Bowl are getting ready to take some legal action against the league.


Two websites -- (the person in charge of the site admits on the page that "I am obviously not a web designer", in case you were wondering about the very spare non-design of that site) and -- have been started in the last day or so; they say they are "obtaining legal counsel" and trying to decide "the next course of action in this matter".


SB Nation Chicago has contacted via the form on the site. If they get back to us with more information, we'll make another post on this issue; while the league has made some offers of compensation, they seem to us to be inadequate for some people who went to Dallas for "the trip of a lifetime". Stay tuned.