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Chicago Bulls Vs. Washington Wizards: Joakim Noah Expands The Offense

If I were to highlight one troubling thing about the Bulls offense, something that didn't rhyme with Smeith Hogans, it would be Derrick Rose's struggles against trapping defenses. Then I read a great interviewwith Bulls and former Thunder assistant coach Ron Adams. Said Adams:

"I can tell you from experience in coaching against Derrick a year ago that we would have never trapped him the way teams are trapping him now because Joakim Noah was on the floor. So basically you pass to Noah and he becomes the playmaker at the free throw line. I will guarantee you whenever Noah is back, you will not see these type of double teams, because last year it resulted in baskets. It's automatic. Also, Joakim is a very good driver from the free throw line area as well, I would say one of our top three playmakers. "

It's with that bit of sunshine and optimism that the Bulls head to the nation's capital to face the ever-struggling Wizards.The Wiz made trades both before and at last week's trade deadline. Gone are Gilbert Arenas and old friend Kirk Hinrich, while newcomer Mike Bibby is in the middle of negotiating a buyout. Washington basically blew up its team to rebuild around star point guard John Wall. And who could blame them? They stunk.

Wizards to Watch:

Wall might be as athletic a point guard as Rose, which I can say about maybe one other player in the league. Watching them get after it would be worth the price of admission all by itself. But throw in Nick Young and JaVale McGee and the conditions are ripe for some wow.

How the Bulls could win:

The Bulls frontline, now seemingly overflowing with players deserving of minutes, should be the focal point of the offense. It would be nice to see a big game from Carlos Boozer, as he went off for 30 and 10 the last time he faced the Wiz bigs. It'll be interesting to see if Noah does indeed play "point center" when Rose is double-teamed. I'm all for it. Joakim would get back into the offensive flow faster, and Rose can rest against the easier teams.

How the Bulls could lose:

Wizards Wall and Young were good enough to hang with Miami for 3 quarters last week before finally falling apart. Washington can score the basketball. On those rare nights that their defense is merely horrible and not atrocious, they've got a shot to beat anyone.

Chicago tries to take the season series against the Wizards at 6:00 p.m. CST. CSN Chicago has the call.

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