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Chicago Bulls Vs. Milwaukee Bucks: Two Seasons, Two Directions

In a year already filled with amazing moments, Luol Deng's Heat-beater, his first true clutch basket in seven years with the Bulls, stands right there among them. With one pure corner three-pointer, the bitter taste of an idle trade deadline gave way to the reminder that this team has a shot to be special without adding a single piece.

The deadline firmly behind them, the Bulls (39-17) now begin a five-game road trip in Milwaukee where they face a team many predicted would be Chicago's main competition in the Central Division.

The Bucks (22-35) have struggled all year with injuries and simply cannot score the ball with any consistency. Add in a top-five defense coached by Scott Skiles and you basically have the Bulls circa 2003 - 2008. All you need to know about how the Bucks season has gone is this: the lead article on their team site celebrates that their mascot Bango was named the best in the NBA by a Cartoon Network award show.

With the Magic and a rematch against the Heat looming, the now full-strength Bulls need to win the games they are supposed to. This is one of them. Tip-off at 7:30 CST. WGN has the call.

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