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Johnny McEntee: Trick Shot UConn Quarterback, Internet Sensation

If you have not yet seen the video of UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee's trick shots, watch it here:

And you're saying, yeah, right, that's all done by creative editing. No, it's not, says Larry Brown Sports: (careful when clicking that link, it starts playing a commercial without permission)

McEntee is a redshirt junior and one of six quarterbacks on UConn’s roster, and by far the most famous Huskies quarterback to never have thrown a pass in a live game. Last week, he posted his trick shot video on YouTube and it instantly went viral, surpassing four million views in less than a week.

After watching such an incredible video, we were determined to learn more about its back-story. LB spoke with McEntee’s high school coach, Troy Thomas, to learn more about Johnny, while Del talked with Kyle Campbell who edited the video.

First off, to all you conspiracy theorists, both McEntee and Campbell have confirmed that everything in the video is real — there was no digital editing when balls left the screen, unlike these trick shots. Because everything was real, it took about six hours to get all the shots, and then another three or so to edit, according to Campbell.

The best part of it is that McEntee actually looks like he's having fun throwing a football, besides the uncanny accuracy. Seems like a certain Chicago Bears quarterback could take some lessons from that kind of fun.

After the jump, a full-size version of the video.

Here's the full-size version of the Johnny McEntee video: