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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Chicago Bears Look To Improve On Successful Season

The Chicago Bears got further than most people might have expected heading into the season, but that only means that those standards will be higher next year. SB Nation has been rolling out one round mocks for the last month or so, and now they've released their first two round mock of the year. Twice the speculation, three times the fun. Let's see who they have the Bears taking with heir first two picks of the 2011 NFL Draft.

In the first round of their latest mock, SB Nation has the Bears beefing up their front line with Mississippi St. OT Derek Sherrod. Here is their rationale.

It's not exactly a secret that the Bears need to upgrade their offensive line; Sherrod would be capable of starting at left tackle immediately.

Jay Cutler will tell you how much the Bears need help along the offensive line. Sherrod would provide that help. But I wouldn't count on a late first round pick to start at left tackle immediately. Even the top tackles in the draft might not be able to do that. In the second round SB Nation has the Bears beefing up the other line with USC defensive tackle Jurrell Casey. 

Defensive tackle is a bit of a question mark for the Bears, who may be on the verge of moving forward without Tommie Harris.