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Sports Blizzard Central: Will Tuesday Night Games Be Postponed?

As of this morning, there are no professional or college sports games that have yet been postponed or cancelled due to "Snowmageddon" or "Snowpocalypse", among the other names that the expected blizzard is being called (including, frighteningly, "Snowprah").

There are four NBA games tonight -- in New Orleans, Sacramento, Portland and Los Angeles. None of those should be affected by the storm.

There are 13 NHL games tonight -- some of them in areas that may have significant ice storms, including St. Louis and the Blackhawks' game in Columbus, Ohio.

There are 21 major college basketball games tonight; some of them are in the affected areas, including a top-25 key Big Ten matchup between Purdue and Wisconsin in Madison, Baylor at Oklahoma, and Creighton visiting Bradley.

For high school games in the Chicago area, you can check the Emergency Closing Center, which, they say, is updated every 15 minutes with any new announced cancellations.

We'll keep this StoryStream™ updated throughout the day and evening (and into Wednesday, too) with any cancellations of sports events. It may be difficult to travel in the Dallas area, where they are expecting a couple of inches of sleet and snow, which could force cancellation of pre-Super Bowl events, too.