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ATDHE Sports Streaming Site Seized By Homeland Security

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This is a difficult post to write since the subject of it, ATDHE, is a site which live-streams sports events in the USA... that it doesn't legally have the right to stream.


But today, ATDHE, which many of you might not have even heard of, was seized by the federal Department of Homeland Security. Going to their homepage at, all you see now is a large Department of Homeland Security seizure notice which reads as follows:


Click on image to open a larger version in a new browser window


Without any further comment on the federal government's action or what might be next, I want to make it clear that SB Nation does not endorse illegal video streams nor allow such streams to be linked here or on other SB Nation site. There is word that ATDHE has already come back on line, but I will neither link nor post the location here -- the purpose of this post is informational only, to report something that is of interest to sports fans.