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Spencer Hall: Northern Illinois-Arkansas State Is The Second Most Exciting Bowl Game

LSU and Alabama will get their rematch in the BCS National Championship Game and mostly everyone seems underwhelmed. But fear not! Just because college football's post-season system is fatally flawed doesn't disguise the fact that, you know, it's football, and football is always great.

As such, Everyday Should Be Saturday OG Spencer Hall decided to rank every damn bowl game based on pure watchability. Wouldn't you know it, one local team, the NIU Huskies, ended up No. 2 for their matchup against Arkansas State in the Bowl. 

Says Spencer:

Defense, off. DBs reaction time: sloth-like. Running lanes: toll-free until 11 p.m. and with an option for extended open hours if necessary. This game will outscore many Big Ten basketball games with ease, and be the perfect MACtion-tinged football junk food for the penultimate game of the season. (Especially leading up to the brutality of LSU/Alabama.)

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