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2011 Champs Sports Bowl, Notre Dame Vs. FSU: Matchup Ranked No. 25 Among Bowl Games

Matchups for all 35 college football bowl games were announced on Sunday night, and SB Nation's Spencer Hall went through the trouble of ranking them all. The Champs Sports Bowl checks in at No. 25:

The two offenses stand at a revolving door. "After you," says the FSU offense, leaning forward and catching its head in the door. "Here, let me help you," the Notre Dame offense says, freeing FSU's head but getting its tie caught in a subway grate. "No sir, permit me to assist you," the FSU offense says as it walks into the street and it hit by a truck. "Egads," says the Notre Dame offense as its suspenders droop and catch the top of an onrushing express train below. Both teams specialize in the latest in offensive implosion technology, so you'll want to watch. For science's sake, you know.

Notre Dame's offense could prove more volatile than usual in the bowl game since coach Brian Kelly intends to use two quarterbacks. They'll be challenged by a very tough Florida State defense.

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