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Chicago Bears Considering QB Donovan McNabb, According To Report

There's still a chance Donovan McNabb could end up in Chicago.

The Chicago Bears did not place a claim on quarterback Donovan McNabb when Minnesota placed him on waivers, but according to CSN Chicago's John Mullin, team officials will reconsider the option of bringing McNabb on board and discuss the matter on Monday. Part of the impetus for the discussion appears to be the team's unhappiness with the progress of Josh McCown, who is Caleb Hanie's backup:

Conversations do not equate to "negotiations" or serious talks, but McCown has not played his way past rookie Nathan Enderle after 10 days and has not established a comfort level with coaches, receivers or the system yet.

In six games with the Vikings, McNabb threw for 1,026 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions. Minnesota was 1-5 in those six games.

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