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BCS Rankings, Week 15: Rematch Between LSU And Alabama For BCS Title

LSU won the Southeastern Conference championship game on Saturday, securing an undefeated regular season and a spot in the BCS championship game. The question entering Sunday was who the second team in the championship game would be. Oklahoma State handled rival Oklahoma in impressive fashion on Saturday night, opening the door to the possibility that they might jump Alabama in the BCS standings and play for the national championship.

But that didn't happen. The Crimson Tide finished second in the latest Coaches and Harris polls, giving them enough to edge the Cowboys in the BCS standings. So a rematch between LSU and Alabama is set, though as is usually the case with all things BCS, it hasn't come without controversy.

The final BCS top ten were as follows:

1.) LSU
2.) Alabama
3.) Oklahoma State
4.) Stanford
5.) Oregon
6.) Arkansas
7.) Boise State
8.) Kansas State
9.) South Carolina
10.) Wisconsin

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