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Big Ten, Pac-12 Conferences Announce New Scheduling Partnership

The Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences plan to have an extensive scheduling partnership in place by 2017.

The Big Ten and Pacific-12 conferences announced on Wednesday that they have agreed to a new partnership that will expand the relationship between the two conferences. Athletic competition between the 24 schools in the two conferences will increase within numerous sports, but the focus is presumably on football.

The two conferences already shared a relationship in the college football world through their annual meeting at the Rose Bowl Game, but this collaboration indicates a much larger relationship. According to the announcement, the plan is for each Big Ten team to play at least one Pac-12 team on its non-conference football schedule by 2017.

The Rose Bowl is one of the most beloved sporting events in the nation, so fans of these schools are presumably excited to see teams from across the country agreeing to get out and play each other. Many of the nation's marquee football schools play in the conferences, including Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska, USC and Oregon, so fans will likely be treated to some pretty great match-ups once things start to come together.

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