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Now You Can Own The Green Bay Packers

Bears fans. You want to bring the Packers down. Now's your chance to own a piece of the Green and Gold. Now being a stocholder doesn't give you trading rights or management decisions, or we should all line up to trade Caleb Hanie for Aaron Rodgers, Sam Hurd for Greg Jennings, or Tim Jennings for Charles Woodson.


Green Bay is the only publically owned team in the NFL. Next week they plan on selling shares of stock for $250 a piece. This will be only the fifth time in the history of the franchise that they will sell stock. Profits from the sale will be used to make modifications to Lambeau Field. As a stockholder you could technically claim you are part owner of an NFL team and do get some voting rights, while also getting to attend annual meetings.


 But please Bears Nation, refrain from buying this stock. It will only help the Packers out now and in the future and lord knows they don't need anymore help. Besides once the stock goes on sale it will probably sell out faster than a Justin Bieber concert.