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Notre Dame Shamrock Series Helmets: Ugly As Sin?

The official Twitter account of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish equipment manager has posted this titillating preview of the Irish helmets for this weekends matchup against the Maryland Terrapins:


Part of me thinks this is the most exciting helmet the Irish have yet-worn. Another part of me feels like this is the helmet a nine-year-old girl with a Bedazzler might design.

Beyond the family-sized clover in on the helmet, it's hard to not notice the strange gold-weave-look going on here. Maybe I'll love this popcorn kernel of golden eye-meltingness when I actually see 11 duplicates of it are dashing and diving around the gridiron.

Or maybe it's just ugly as sin.

The Notre Dame -- Maryland fashion show kicks off this Saturday at  6:30 PM Central Time.

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