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The Ballad Of Ricky-Bobby (And Z.W.): College Football, SEC Lameness And The BCS National Championship

The three wise men of SBN Chicago discuss many of the flaws of college football and the BCS, including the horrible unfairness and probability of Alabama playing LSU in the national championship game.

Back when us three bloggers were at T.U.P., Ricky and Bobby would do something called "The Ballad of Ricky-Bobby." It was basically a souped-up email exchange between bros talking sports. Bobby would throw up some pics, mess around in MS Paint, and the next thing you knew, The Ballad turned into one of T.U.P.'s best features. Plus, the title was so obviously ripped off from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, it immediately was hysterical without further review. It also made me super jealous that I wasn't allowed in on it.

Thus, I decided to start it up again with a twist -- ME! It's a bit abridged compared to the original, but still rocking very hard. Each week, one of us three will ask the other two some questions about the sports world around us. The other two will answer the best they can. It will be super grand. Anywho, without further ado:

Rbpinglogo_medium AND Z.W.!


Z.W. Martin (@ZWMartin):

Hello, friends.

I kind of forgot about this. Lets totes bring it back. Shall we?

So, college football is super weird right now. This past week Oklahoma State lost to fISU (f = fucking). Oregon lost to fUSC. And Houston kept on winning. I am a firm believer that if you don't win your conference, you shouldn't play for the national title game. However, all these teams keep fucking with such belief. The only hope I see is if Arkansas beats LSU. This will force college football to actually question everything about itself (see: BCS, The). But, like, is that even reasonable?

Lets say it is and somehow happens. If everything else holds, that would leave six one-loss BCS conference teams (three SEC) -- four of which would be conference champions -- and an undefeated Houston team. If LSU loses, will anything change? Will we still be forced to watch two stupid SEC teams play each other again? Does VT, OKST or Stanford even have a shot? Can we please let Houston play for the title? That would be super cool and will let the BCS show they will, indeed, allow the lil' guy in. I may boycott the BCS game if it's SEC 1 vs. SEC 2. Like hard. What are your thoughts? Bobby you hate college football, but also love it, how does this affect you? Ricky, Mr. Casual College Football Fan, your take?

PS Notre Dame is back in the Top 25!


Bobby Loesch (@bobbystompy):

Let's first start with this: why do you think non-conference champs should automatically be void of the national title conversation?


Z.W. Martin (@ZWMartin):

Let me be more specific. If there is a non-conference champ with fewer losses than a conference champion, then, whatever. But when there are teams that have gone out and won their conference -- and typically the conference championship game involved -- they deserve it if they have fewer/same losses. If just because they played one more game -- one more potential loss -- against a legit opponent.

Looking at this year, Alabama had their shot and lost. Why do they deserve another one? They showed they are not better than LSU. Why do they deserve another chance when a team like, say, VaTech or Stanford has just as many losses AND will have played an extra game against a quality opponent. The regular season is supposed to be the playoffs in college football, lets respect that or the BCS should GTFO.


Ricky O'Donnell (@TUP_Ricky):

Ahhh, college football. Dudes, how can you even think about college football on the day after Bears 2K11 officially combusted? I know I cannot. Still, in the interest of being top-flight Internet bros, I will try.

I don't think we need to use this space to break down the pros and cons of college football and the BCS format. That has been flushed out by many people much smarter than us for years; seemingly anyone with even a passing interest has a very strong opinion one way or another. For all that is good and all that is bad about college football, I think, after X amount of years with this system, one thing is undeniable: when it works out -- ie: major conference undefeated team vs. major conference undefeated team -- it's great and everyone is happy. When that doesn't happen, which at least seems to occur more often than not, sports fans are never quicker to drum up full-throttle outrage.

This year, it's obviously not going to work out. Okie State blew it, Oregon blew it, Stanford blew it. In a year like this, do we even really *need* a national title game to know LSU is the best team in the country? Probably not, wins over the Ducks and Alabama already proved that. Of course, there is an unfathomable amount of money on the line and there must be a game. So, who?

I think in situations like this, it's best to look past all of the secondary stuff and ask a simple question: who's the second best team in the nation? To me, it's seems pretty obvious that it's Alabama. If there was a playoff last year, 'Bama very easily could have been national champs. They haven't lost in regulation this season and gave LSU a hell of a game. We know all the reasons it sucks -- that SEC chant, first and foremost -- but I can't say another contender is better in good faith.

Does that make sense? Because, seriously, I barely care either way.


Z.W. Martin (@ZWMartin):

I didn't know losing to a your potential opponent in a national title game already was a secondary issue. That seems like the most important thing here, no?


Bobby Loesch (@bobbystompy):

Man, Ricky's was so good. I have so little to say. I really agree with the "LSU doesn't need a national title game to prove it" theory. Although Clay Travis says Alabama would be favored in the NC if they play LSU, even though they lost. As we all remember, LSU was outplayed by Alabama.

Not to be a whiny complainer -- but to be exactly that -- I hate how unfair the system is altogether. Alabama has one-loss. And all they have to do is beat Auburn, and they go to the national title. LSU is undefeated and beat Alabama. But because of their triumph, they now have to beat No. 3 Arkansas (would have played them anyway) then advance to the SEC title game to beat Georgia. All in all, very horrible, a terrible system, and everybody goes home unhappy.

I'm still sorting out what my approach to the next two months will be. Hopefully I'll have my thoughts resolved for this week's Hybrid (plug.), but I guess Alabama over LSU in the national title would be pretty solid (if we're talking realistic here). The more controversy, the better. A split national title for all. Less realistic? I'd love any team not in the SEC to beat any SEC team for the national title. Then everyone will chant "ESS EE SEE", and we will all then die.