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Simeon's Jabari Parker "Wants To Be The Best Basketball Player Ever"

The NBA may be on hiatus, but that doesn't mean you can't watch future professional basketball players in Chicago this year. No, silly, we aren't talking about DePaul.

Chicago's best amateur basketball player isn't on a college roster, but a high school team. Simeon junior Jabari Parker -- you may remember that as the same school that produced Derrick Rose not so long ago -- is considered by many to be the top high school player in the country, regardless of class.

Parker has every top university in the country begging him to come on campus. Thus far, the 6'8 wing has been non-committal about his college plans, though many local hoops fans believe Duke is the front-runner. Perhaps it's because Parker has bigger plans. Via

“Jabari wants to be the best basketball player ever,” Smith said. “Not just one of the best out of Illinois. He wants to be one of the best professional basketball players ever.”

The Smith in question is Jabari's high school coach Robert Smith, the same man who coached-up D. Rose. Simeon is notorious locally for refusing to let their kids speak to the media, but Parker was still able to squeeze in a few words about his nationally top-ranked team.

“We have some of the top talent in the city of Chicago,” Parker said. “To have this at one school is very rare. We’re the No. 1 team in the country. The rankings pretty much speak for themselves.”

Parker and Simeon play Findlay Prep on Jan. 16 in Springfield, Mass. in a highly-anticipated showdown.