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White Sox Hire Robin Ventura As Next Manager

The Chicago White Sox have announced that their next manager will be former third basemen Robin Ventura. Ventura will be the White Sox 38th manager in team history.  


In a statement released Thursday Kenny Williams said, "When I met with the media as our season ended, I identified one person at the very top of my managerial list,". "I wanted someone who met very specific criteria centered around his leadership abilities. Robin Ventura was that man. His baseball knowledge and expertise, his professionalism, his familiarity with the White Sox and Chicago and his outstanding character make him absolutely the right person to lead our clubhouse and this organization into the seasons ahead."


Kenny Williams was very private with his list of candidates, but nobody mentioned Ventura as a potential candidate. Dave Martinez, Sandy Alomar, Terry Francona, and Tony LaRussa were the popular names that had been rumored.


Details of the contract were not disclosed.