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NFL Week 5 Power Poll

Green Bay still leads the way.

We have completed four weeks of the NFL season and it's starting to become clear who is good and who is bad. Here is this weeks version of the Power Poll.

1) Green Bay Packers (1)

Champs continue to roll. Aaron Rodgers should he stay healthy will be more popular in the end than Brett Favre was.

2) Detroit Lions (3)

Past Lions teams would have lost their last two games. Completely new mind set in Detroit.

3) Baltimore Ravens (6)

Very well balanced team and looks to be the team to beat in the AFC.

4) New England Patriots (4)

Is anyone going to guard Wes Welker? Still would like to see the defense show up.

5) New Orleans Saints (5)

Starting to look like the Super Bowl team from a few years back. What an addition Darren Sproles turned out to be.

6) San Diego Chargers (7)

The normally slow starting Chargers are off to a nice start. Would like to see them get healthy and see what that offense is capable of.

7) Houston Texans (8)

Great to see Arian Foster come back healthy, but now they will be without Andre Johnson for who knows how long.  Could be a huge blow to this team.

8) San Francisco 49ers (20)

Great to see Jim Harbaugh succeeding in San Fran. They should easily win the West.

9) Buffalo Bills (2)

Tough loss to the Bengals. Will be interesting to see how they respond.

10) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11)

Might not always be pretty, but they keep winning.

11) Tennessee Titans (15)

I'm starting to become a believer. Man does Hasselbeck look like a man on a mission.

12) NY Giants (16)

Still don't look very good, but a win is a win.

13) Washington Redskins (14)

Shanahan has this team overachieving.

14) Oakland Raiders (9)

Solid team that will compete in the AFC West all season.

15) Atlanta Falcons (19)

Tough team to figure out. Looking like a third place team.

16) NY Jets (11)

Not a fan of Sanchez and can't run the football.

17) Chicago Bears (18)

Amazing what happens when they run Forte. Now they need to work on stopping someone on Defense.

18) Pittsburgh Steelers (12)

Playing like an old team and now with Big Ben banged up could be in trouble

19) Dallas Cowboys (13)

Could be 4-0 or 0-4 so 2-2 seems just right.

20) Cincinnati Bengals (22)

Young up and coming team. A.J. Green looks like a star.

21) Arizona Cardinals (26)

Beanie Wells coming out party. Defense needs to stop someone.

22) Carolina Panthers (23)

What a fun team to watch.

23) Cleveland Browns (21)

Playing hard. Might be better than people thought.

24) Philadelphia Eagles (17)

Dream Team?

25) Jacksonville Jaguars (24)

Blaine Gabbert looked a lot better in his second start.

26) Seattle Seahawks (25)

Going to be a long year in the Pacific Northwest.

27) Miami Dolphins (27)

Have some talent, but not enough.

28) Denver Broncos (28)

Can't blame Orton for all this teams flaws.

29) Kansas City Chiefs (31)

Finally started throwing to Bowe and they got a win.

30) Indianapolis Colts (29)

Great efforts the past two weeks, but still nothing to show.

31) St Louis Rams

Gonna be a long season in St. Louis.

32) Minnesota Vikings

Thought they could beat the Chiefs, but I was wrong. May want to start looking toward the future.