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Week 7 NFL Power Poll

From Green Bay to Miami and every team in between. See where your team lands.

Some change at the top in this weeks power poll, but overall not any huge gains or falls. Here is this weeks version of the Power Poll.

1) Green Bay (1)

Pack continue to roll. Looking at their upcoming schedule they should be on top for a long time.

2) Baltimore (2)

Nice win against the Texans. Defense is playing well and Flacco and the offense is rolling.

3) New England (4)

Close one against Dallas. What was promising was the defense actually played well for once.

4) San Francisco (6)

When the only thing wrong this week was the fact that your coach may have celebrated too much in victory you know things are going well. Great win in Detroit,

5) San Diego (7)

Sometimes being off can help you in the power poll. Schedule is going to get tougher so they need to get healthy quick.

6) Pittsburgh (9)

Running game finally showed up this week. If that continues this team could be dangerous.

7) Oakland  (10)

They lose Campbell and now get Carson Palmer. If he is close to his old form watch out.

8) Detroit (2)

After losing a close one to the niners, how will they rebound?

9) New Orleans (5)

Seemed flat against Tampa. Hopefully it was just a one week lapse.

10) Buffalo (8)

Bills still playing well, but thought they should have beat the Giants.

11) Cincinnati (13)

Bengals still playing well. Plus getting more first round picks to go with their young talent makes the future look bright in Cincinnati.

12) Tampa Bay (15)

After a horrible loss to San Fran rebounded nicely against the Saints.

13) NY Giants (16)

Nice win against Buffalo. Need to stop giving up huge plays on defense.

14) Chicago (20)

Real tough team to figure out. Looked awesome against the Vikings. Let's see if they can keep it up.

15) Houston (12)

Really need Andre Johnson back ASAP.

16) Ny Jets (17)

Looks and is playing just like a .500 team. Looks like the streak of AFC Championship Game appearances is over.

17) Atlanta (18)

Much like the Bears this is a tough group to figure out.

18) Washington (11)

Haven't really seen much of "Good Rex" but "Bad Rex" sure showed himself this past weekend.

19) Dallas (19)

Made a valiant effort against the Pats, but still fell a little short.

20) Philadelphia (26)

Dream Team doubled their win total. Playoffs still look way out of reach.

21) Tennessee (14)

How will the Titans return from their bye week?

22) Seattle (21)

8-8 won't get them in the playoffs this season.

23) Kansas City (22)

At least nobody got hurt during the bye week.

24) Carolina (23)

Still a fun team to watch, but need to start winning games.

25) Cleveland (24)

Starting to play like most people expected them to. Is Hillis a one year wonder?

26) Arizona (25)

Bye week couldn't have come at a better time.

27) Jacksonville (27)

Gonna be a long year for the Jags.

28) Denver (29)

So when Tebow screws up, will they start chanting for Orton?

29) St Louis (31)

Brandon Lloyd is a nice addition. But will Bradford miss time?

30) Minnesota (28)

Let the Christian Ponder era begin.

31) Indianapolis (32)

Starting to forget what they looked like as a good team.

32) Miami (30)

Andrew Luck may be on his way to South Beach.