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Your Sports TV Schedule, 1/21: NBA Friday Doubleheader

All of our local teams are off today, so your Friday night selections include an NBA doubleheader and the AHL's Chicago Wolves. Rest up, because it's going to be a busy sports weekend in front of the TV.


6 p.m., Comcast 100: AHL, Wolves at Griffins. The Wolves travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan.


7 p.m., ESPN: NBA, Knicks at Spurs. Will the Knicks land Carmelo Anthony? Most likely, not in time for tonight's game, though he apparently wants to play in the New York area at almost any cost.


9:30 p.m., ESPN: NBA, Lakers at Nuggets. Here's the game where you can see Carmelo Anthony play. Unless he's somehow traded before it starts. You never know in the NBA these days.