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NFC Championship Game, Chicago Bears Vs. Green Bay Packers: Soldier Field Of Dreams

If you believe in ghosts, you'll want to stay away from Soldier Field this Sunday. In fact, anywhere between Wisconsin's Lambeau Field and downtown Chicago might not be safe. And they'll be big ghosts too! Some will be in shoulder pads, some in leather helmets, but all of them will have an angry look in their eyes.

You know, for this one? The whole Midwest might be thick with otherworldly travelers:

"Is this Heaven?"

"It's Iowa."

"Iowa?!? #%&! I need to get to Chicago before kickoff!"

Oh baby, this rivalry goes back so far, they could air the game on the History Channel! The last time it meant this much, they hadn't put all the fires out on Pearl Harbor yet. In fact, the first time these two teams met, Americans were still cursing Kaiser Wilhelm for World War I. When the first bad blood was spilled in this rivalry, zippers were a new idea, and you still had to hand crank your car to start it.

Bears fans learn their dislike for the Packers at the knees of their fathers, and grandfathers. Packer backers' hatred for Chicago is handed down from generation to generation, bequeathed, like land or grandma's wedding ring.

And 182 games later, another generation will curse the enemy anew. Because this one matters. The NFC Championship game. And because of the opponent? For many Bears and Packers fans, this is bigger than the Super Bowl.

Not that every one of them doesn't want their team to win the Super Bowl; of course they do.

But seldom will you see people who want to defeat their opponent so badly.

So if you love a Bears fan, this may be a long week for you, be patient with them. Their emotions will run high this week. But it's out of their control. Animosity towards Green Bay is so ingrained in them, it might as well be part of their DNA.

And if someone you hold dear is a Packer fan, I'm sorry.

The SBN Chicago Playoff Bunker will be up and running for the duration of the playoffs. We'll be providing news, notes, updates, injuries, insults and quarter-by-quarter reports for both the NFC and the AFC Championship games. We'll be talking Bears/Packers all week long right here, including how the Bears let the Pack in the playoffs and wondering why Aaron Rodgers makes the Media squeal like tween girls at a Justin Bieber concert. And why they treat Jay Cutler like their romantic rival for Edward Cullen.