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Chicago Bulls Vs. Memphis Grizzlies: A MLK Holiday Matinee

If you're not up early on this Martin Luther King Day, you might miss the Bulls' quick trip to Memphis to take on the Grizzlies.

Coming off their big win over the Miami Heat at the United Center on Saturday night, the Bulls are in one of the tougher parts of their schedule. Not necessarily because of the opponents -- only the Mavericks, among teams the Bulls face this week, have a winning record -- but because they play five games in eight days, starting today. At least after today, the Bulls will be at home for the remaining four of those dates, and in fact, are home for the rest of January (after today) before they take off on the second of the big trips of the year, this time the "ice show" trip (this year, it's Disney On Ice's Toy Story 3).

So, again, here's a string of games where the Bulls can pile up some wins before they head on the road for two weeks.

They'll have to do it without Carlos Boozer, at least for today's game and maybe beyond, after he sprained his ankle in the fourth quarter on Saturday.

Today's game begins at 12 noon CST and will be televised on WGN (locally in Chicago) and ESPN (nationally).