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Cubs Recall Five From Iowa

Via tweet from the Tribune’s Paul Sullivan:

Fuld, Scales, Snyder. Berg and Samardzija among call-ups.

More details from Chicago Breaking Sports:

Samardzija is expected to join the rotation, though no date has been set.

Outfielders Sam Fuld and Brad Snyder, infielder Bobby Scales and reliever Justin Berg have also been called up.

It's a very windy day at Wrigley, with a gale force blowing straight out to right.

Carlos Marmol was just seen climbing into the shrubbery in centerfield to fetch a wayward frisbee thrown by one of the other Cubs' relievers. Today is also the day the Cubs will honor Hall of Famer Billy Williams with a new statue in the right field corner where the Harry Caray statue once resided.