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Bulls Won't Trade Noah For Anthony

Via KC Johnson at Chicago Breaking Sports, the Bulls may be interested in Carmelo Anthony, but it won’t be at the expense of dealing Joakim Noah:

There certainly still is a chance Anthony could be dealt, although several league types speculate those chances will increase near the February trade deadline. And though the Bulls aren’t dying to trade Luol Deng—-Thibodeau, in particular, is high on Deng—-they certainly would sign off on a Deng, Taj Gibson and draft picks deal for Anthony.

Denver, at least for now, has little interest in that offer. Which means the Bulls would have to get a third team involved that has interest in Deng—-or just be one of the many teams that is pitching exploratory offers at the Nuggets for now.

It’s not like the Nuggets are holding a fire sale on Anthony.

As for Noah, the Bulls are trying to extend him, not trade him.

As Johnson points out, training camp starts on Monday. The Bulls have made a number of offseason moves and appear to be a stronger team than the one that was launched out of the first round of the playoffs… and Joakim Noah is still a big part of the Bulls’ future plans.