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Ozzie Wants A Contract Extension; Jerry, Kenny Noncommittal

The Sun-Times reports that Sox manager Ozzie Guillen wants a contract extension:

‘’I have a one-year contract back in Chicago; everyone knows exactly what I want,’’ Guillen said. ‘’But I keep saying this is a business, and I will be in Chicago as long as they want me here because the White Sox are part of my life. I’m 46 years old and maybe been working for the White Sox for 25 years. That’s a lot of years. The rumors about I’m going somewhere, that’s good because at least someone wants me in the paper.

’’It’s a one-year deal, and we’ll see. As soon as the season is over, I will talk to Kenny and Jerry and see what my future is here, what they want, what they want to do. I hope I’m in the plans, but if not, this is a business. If they’re going to go with me, I love it. If not, that’s part of the game.’’

But Jerry Reinsdorf and Kenny Williams wouldn’t commit:

Neither White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf nor general manager Ken Williams felt the need to discuss the idea of Ozzie Guillen’s future Tuesday.

All Williams would say is, ‘’the man [Guillen] has a contract for next season.’’

Through a team spokesman, Reinsdorf was asked about the broken relationship between Williams and Guillen and said he was ‘’not going to discuss this publicly.’’

And there are rumblings that the relationship between Williams and Guillen is non-fixable:

According to one Sox player, however, the two got into another heated confrontation in late August, and while this player admitted the team was out on the field when it happened and he didn’t hear it, word leaked out: ‘’Kenny told Ozzie, ’You’re done, you’re done.‘’’

Guillen was asked if there was a second blowup after the one the Sun-Times reported in June and said, ‘’No, not really.’’

And Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal says this could all be part of a scenario that sends Ozzie to south Florida to fill the expected Marlins managerial opening:

Guillen wants assurances that the White Sox would like him to remain manager long-term, according to a source with knowledge of his thinking.

The source even outlined a scenario that could lead to Guillen’s departure from the club:

• Guillen asks for a contract extension, one that goes beyond the team simply exercising his club option for 2012.

• The White Sox balk, and Guillen asks owner Jerry Reinsdorf to allow him to pursue the Marlins’ opening.

More details in the Rosenthal article, including a possible scenario that would bring Tony LaRussa back to finish his managing career where it started, on the South Side.