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Lillibridge To Lead Off Tonight, But Jenks Not On Trip

Via Mark Gonzales, here is tonight’s White Sox lineup:

Lillibridge 2b, A. Ramirez ss, Rios cf, Konerko 1b, M. Ramirez dh, Jones lf, Quentin rf, Castro c, Morel 3b

Floyd p

Gonzales also reports that Bobby Jenks won’t pitch on this trip:

White Sox closer Bobby Jenks, who hasn’t pitched since Sept. 4, didn’t accompany the team on its West Coast trip and stayed in the Chicago area to rehabilitate his right arm.

This further fuels the uncertainty on whether Jenks, who has pitched for the Sox since 2005, will return next season. He will earn $7.5 million this season and is arbitration eligible but has been hindered by injuries and inconsistency. Jenks is currently sidelined because of ulnar neuritis.